One of the most frequent questions from buyers of short-term investment properties is: “How do we find holidaymakers to rent the place, and is it guaranteed?” The truthful answer, (which everyone in the industry really knows) is: “By working at it, and No!” Some companies do guarantee an initial number of booking, but invariably there are snags and the old adage applies - “you get nothing for nothing.”
    If you want a sure investment where you don’t do anything except count monthly interest - put your money in the bank. But then, casually ask the manager if you could perhaps have a holiday in his bank with your family, and why you also receive appreciation in the banks buildings. Get the drift....
    People who are prepared to make a bit of an effort to find vacation renters invariably do well, and we will help you all we can.
    You have family, friends, and business acquaintances, all who like holidays in the sun? You must have a local newspaper where you could run a small ad’? You can order business cards with a picture of the house to give people you meet? Everyone has heard of Disney and Orlando, but how many in your locality have a villa for rent right in the middle of that area?
    Another way is to have a web site of your posh new villa, - and put the address on your cards, so you can tell people to look at it at their leisure.
    It’s not difficult - it won’t happen overnight - but when it does it’s GREAT!

   Many investors don’t want the bother of finding renters and having many different families using their property. In this case we normally recommend a longer term tenancy. These are typically six months to a year initially. This has the advantage of regular rental income, lower maintenances costs, (tenants are often responsible for some costs like lawn or pool maintenance), and less wear and tear. Long term tenants can be found for both furnished and unfurnished properties, and we manage both.

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