Rentals are very popular In Celebration, and particularly in the Artisan Park area, because of the excellent clubhouse facilities. The minimum rental period is seven months, but most people lease for one year.

   We look after  townhouses, condos and single family homes in Celebration for absentee owners. We usually manage to keep them fully rented, even after a tenant has given notice to leave.

   If you have a property you want to rent, call us. The fact that there are few properties in this section means the ones we have are rented. 


   A three bedroom townhouse in Artisan Park, Celebration. This property has been rented continuously by the present owners and covered costs, including the mortgage. Rear garden and double garage.

$354,900 (click for more details)


$749,000, click for more details.

A magnificent home in a select area of the town of Celebration, only a few minutes from Walt Disney World Drive.

Three bedroom in the main house and one in the garage apartment in the back of the long driveway.

The fenced garden and patio overlook a conservation area and natural lake.

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Looking for something completely different??


A beautiful  “cabin” at Valle Crusis, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Cabin in not really the right word, because this dwelling was only built in 2004 and has every modern appliance. It is a viable investment as a vacation rental property and has paid for itself every year the present owners have had it.

$315,000 fully furnished. (See details).

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