As the housing market slowly recovers from one of its most difficult times, New World Real Estate, in Celebration, near Orlando, Florida, is still here, (many are not), serving existing clients and finding new ones - mainly through recommendation. We specialize in helping our clients achieve their property purchasing objectives, particularly overseas investors.

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   If you are  considering buying an investment property near Disney, now is the time to do it! We have new houses at builders knock down prices, and foreclosures at ridiculous prices. We just sold a three bedroom villa with a pool for $165,000 (approx 123,000 Sterling). We found a tenant, covering the owner’s yearly costs.  Now they just wait for the market to improve and the Dollar to strenthen.

   Now is a really, really good time to buy more or less any type of investment property in Florida! Prices have begun the rise. If you have been sitting on the fence, waiting for a deal, we recommend you don’t wait much longer.

   Look at our list of investment properties for sale, including short-term rental villas, single family homes in Celebration, and condo hotel suites for sale.

   We can organize a mortgage, do the conveyancing, (closing), manage your property, find tenants, and even produce a web site for your Florida short-term vacation/holiday property.

   Whether you want something to live in yourself, receive income from a tenant, or just have a holiday home in the sun, we can probably find you something suitable and within your budget. If there is nothing of interest in our list, scan the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and let us know your criteria.Arabella-front

    A holiday property investment, condo, or townhouse in Florida can have financial and personal advantages by renting to tourists, as does a property with long term tenants giving a regular income. Tourists will always keep coming to orlando and renting holiday villas, for the sunshine and attractions.

   World Real Estate is owned by Roger and Kati Hughes, originally from England, who have been in Florida 27 years. Kati is an international estate agent broker specializing in Florida investment villas, holiday rental homes, investment condos and townhouses, and condotels. Management of short term holiday property and also private holiday investment property, particularly to United Kingdom residents. Roger does the web sites and marketing.

    We are members of the Association of Estate Agents in England, and can arrange American finance or a British mortgage to purchase your investment property in South Orlando.

    Find answers to many frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the benefits of buying rental investment property in Central Florida. Then contact us with no obligation, because Investment homes Orlando is a free service to buyers. 

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