If you don’t live in Florida near your property you will obviously need someone to look after it for you. 

  Management of a vacation villa, townhouse or condo is a big job, especially when frequently occupied by holidaymakers. There are monthly utility bills to pay, pools to keep sparkling, the inside to be cleaned after guests leave and prepared for new guests, (sometimes the same day), lawns and plants to be looked after, not to mention repairing breakdowns.

   Similar things apply to a longer term tenancy, but to a lesser degree because it is usually the tenants responsibility to cut the lawn and keep the place clean. But you still need a management agreement with some in the case of breakdowns or emergencies.

   Our New World Property Management Company looks after everything you are responsible for within the terms of either a short term rental agreement, or a lease. However, some owners choose to pay their own utility bills and tourist taxes, and we can make an understanding to suit you.

   We have dedicated cleaners, pool and lawn care men, we have used for many years. We also know the best electrician, handyman, plumber and even a plasterer to repair nearly every job.

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