Naturally investment properties come in all shapes and sizes and prices - just like their buyers.
    You might choose to buy one already built and in operation, so you begin to receive revenue immediately, or you might choose to have a super new one built, in which case you pick specifications and furnishings and have time to build up bookings in advance. Either way we can help.
    Prices too vary so much is it quite difficult to even give an approximation. There are now some great foreclosure bargains to be had, and even new construction at record low prices. Things which affect prices are: location, number of beds and bathrooms, condition, reasons for sale, and of course the rental market itself.
    We can give you a very good idea of prices and what is available when you contact us, but quite honestly, the only way to find out is to come to Orlando and see for yourself what value you get in your particular price range, at the time you are buying.
    If you decide to do this we offer free accommodation in one of our properties, so you can experience first hand our quality and service for both renters and owners. If you can’t manage a personal visit, send details with your price ceiling, timeframe, financial requirements, etc. and we can certainly start the ball rolling.   

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