Even if you buy a rental villa you don’t necessarily have to rent it. We have a number of clients who only use their properties themselves, or only to people they know.
   Our property management division looks after their homes exactly the same as we do for rental villas.  
   If you are more interested in a holiday residence than rental property, an excellent place to buy is Celebration village, the superb new Disney town in South Orlando, only minutes from Disney and within a quick commute from Orlando International Airport. Over the past few years property has appreciated in Celebration more than any other area of Orlando.
    Celebration also has a high end long-term tenancy rental community and an investment property which is rented can return the cost of maintenance and mortgage over the longer term.
    We are based in Celebration, so we always know what is available and can find your ideal property for rent or your own private hideaway in the sun. See a few single family homes for sale in Celebration, with sitting long term tenancies.

   We can find you a long term tenant for your investment property. People rent for many reasons, both furnished and unfurnished. We receive regular inquiries from people coming to the area to live or even work for limited periods. Only real estate brokers can write long term leases, and we do credit checks, and references before we write a lease.
One thing is important to remember: If you decide to sell the property you cannot evict a tenant with a long term lease. The property can still be sold, but the new owner must continue the lease for the duration. This has advantages for. Prospective investment buyer, particularly non-resident buyers, value sitting tenants, especially if they have been occupying for some time and paying the rent regularly.

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