Having purchased a short-term rental property, most owners become quite interested in finding renters themselves, because then you keep all your rental fees, with no commissions to agents, etc. 
     The Internet is undoubtedly your cheapest, most cost effective way to find renters for your property, since it reaches a worldwide audience - something you can’t possibly afford to do with conventional advertising. We operate our General Site, displaying all the villas we manage, and inquiries go direct to owners. But ideally you would not want to direct people to the General Site - because they can then look at all the other villas. The answer is to have a site for only your villa. You can then confidently give people the address, (domain name), of your private site.
    We offer a web site “lease,” program specifically for your new villa. We register a domain name, take 360 degree virtual tours, and build a great looking site which you can be proud of. We then host the site, but in addition, and very important indeed, we optimize and submit the site to search engines, so prospective renters have a fair chance to actually find it.

Consider this:

   With a little knowledge anyone can create a web site, but here are the advantages when we produce a private site for your villa.
Domain name Registration. This will be keyword specific and have the .co.uk suffix, (some UK search engines give priority to .co.uk domains, but it doesn't matter where the site is hosted). If you are an American owner a .com is more appropriate. A few owners have both.
Inquiries direct to you.  Your site will have an inquiry form which goes direct to your e-mail. You take the bookings direct and there is no commission to pay anyone. 
360o virtual tours. We will install high quality 360 VR tours of your villa. These are invaluable for renters to look at and show others in their party. Proper virtual tours are a zillion times more valuable than still photos. If you were trying to find a nice villa, which would you sooner look at?
Positioning your site. Your site will be designed and optimized with a view to getting it on the search engines - not in impressing you with fancy web wizardry.
Credit Card Booking. If you wish, we can put a secure PayPal booking facility on the site, so people can pay on line.
Hosting:  Our server guarantees 99% on-line.

    It is important to get your site up and running as early as possible, even before you actually close on the property, because it can take months to become indexed on some search engines. If you are having a new villa built we can still make a site by photographing a show model, (including virtual tours), then change them when yours is ready - AND there is no extra charge for retaking the tours!
   Ya gotta believe it! The instant you start receiving bookings from complete strangers who, "found your site on the Internet," you will wonder why on earth you didn’t do it earlier.

    81% of U.K users find web sites through search engines. (Source: June 2000, Forrester Research Inc., "UK Internet User Monitor").

    55% of all Internet purchases are from people who found the site using a search engine. (source: NDP Group, January 2001.

    Search engine traffic is better than advertising, since people who are searching are actively looking for something

All web design is undertaken under the following terms and conditions.

    Rather than slap you with a large site building fee, like you would pay on the open market, (assuming you find someone who does virtual tours, optimizing, submissions, etc.), we charge an initial construction setup and then a monthly fee which covers hosting, continuous optimizing and submissions to the major engines, and incluses small improvements and alterations.

  1. A personal villa web site is leased to individual property owners for a one-time construction setup charge of $1000 and monthly hosting fee of $50. This includes six virtual tours of the villa.
  2. The villa will also be placed on our General Site free of charge. (www.holiday-home-rentals-orlando.co.uk)
  3. All e-mail inquiries go direct to owners, including those from the general site.
  4. Owners make their own bookings with clients. No fee is payable to us.
  5. The company registers all domain names at their cost and renews them as required.  The company owns the domains and reserves copyright to all photographs, virtual tours and artwork on all websites it hosts and maintains.
  6. If an owner decides to terminate his site with the company, the property will be removed from the general site and the personal site terminated. The company may, at their discretion, sell the domain or the complete web site, (or any part thereof, including virtual tours), to the villa owner. The price shall be agreed between the parties based on the commercial rate for a similar type of site, less what has already been paid in setup charges. The monthly lease/hosting charge shall not be assessed in this value.


     Search engines (SE's) are owned and operated by different companies, who frequently change their algorithms, lease their databases to other SEs, and even merge.
    Where a particular SE decides to position a site, (or a specific page of that site), is outside the control of the company or it’s webmaster. However, the webmaster makes a diligent, “best effort” using his skill and knowledge to optimize sites with a view to having them positioned as highly as possible.  This is a constant optimization process, but it is impossible to guarantee high placement or even maintain constant position on different SEs at all times.
     Due to the massive expansion of The World Wide Web and number of sites, SEs are taking longer to index new sites. The company have no control over when a site will be indexed by an SE.
    Sites are submitted manually to directories, like Yahoo Directory, The Open Directory, and others which require manual submission.
    Submissions to "pay per submission" or "pay per click" SEs are NOT included. These must be authorized by the property owner and paid in advance.

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